The Aeropress is an extremely versatile brewing tool. This is our method for brewing a longer, filter style cup using AN "INVERTED" METHOD, but is by no means definitive!



  1. Grind 20g coffee (medium-coarse grind) and heat water. Insert paper filter into filter holder and rinse filter with hot water to remove papery taste. Also run some water through brewer to heat.

  2. Insert rubber end of plunger slightly into brewer (about 1cm) and place upside down, with open end of plunger resting on surface (ideally on some scales).

  3. Pour ground coffee into brewer. Add 60g of hot (90°C) water, stir gently and leave to bloom for 30 seconds.

  4. Gently add a further 150g of water (total 210g water), then screw filter holder onto brewer. Place a sturdy cup upside down on top of filter holder and carefully flip over so that cup is on surface and open end of plunger is pointing upwards.

  5. Press down plunger slowly but firmly until all liquid passes through filter into cup. Total brew time should be around 1 minute 45 seconds. Leave to cool for a few minutes before drinking.