1. Open paper filter and place in Chemex, ensuring the thicker, multi-fold side is resting against pouring spout. Rinse paper filter with hot water and discard water.

  2. Grind 30g of coffee (medium-coarse grind/sea salt consistency) and insert into paper filter, creating an even bed of grounds.

  3. Heat water to 93°C (or allow boiled water to cool for around 45 seconds). Slowly pour 60g of water evenly over coffee grounds and leave to bloom for 30 seconds.

  4. After initial bloom, pour a further 440g of water slowly onto coffee grounds, starting in centre and then in circular movements to ensure coffee is evenly saturated. We recommend a total brew time of between 3 and 4 minutes depending on the coffee.

  5. Remove paper filter and discard. Leave coffee to cool for a few minutes before drinking.

You can also watch a video guide on brewing the perfect Chemex (using our beans) from head barista Jonny at Foodstory Cafe in Aberdeen.