Third Wave Wichteln / Düsseldorf

Proud to be part of the group cupping that took place in Düsseldorf this past Sunday. Around 40 coffee lovers from the Düsseldorf and Cologne area brought more than 50 coffees along to speciality coffee shop and roaster Woyton, to compare some of the coffees exchanged as part of this year's Third Wave Wichteln.

Third Wave Wichteln is an international coffee "secret Santa": coffee fans buy a bag of single origin, speciality beans from one of their favourite local roasters and send them to another participant somewhere else in the world, and in return receive some beans from another participant. The event started as a coffee exchange between just a few coffee drinkers in Germany to exchange coffee roasted in different cities. In recent years it has expanded far beyond this, thanks to social media, and is now a truly global exchange for speciality coffee lovers all around the world with thousands of people taking part.

All the coffees brought to Woyton on Sunday were cupped and assessed for their aroma, flavour profile and body - some of the key things we look for in speciality coffee. The cupping was hosted by Woyton's Mateusz Petlinski, the reigning German cup tasters champion and Aeropress champion, who won second place in the World Cup Tasting Championship 2015, and Third Wave Wichteln founding member Markus Reuter. Two of our coffees were represented and we were delighted to hear that our Ethiopia Adado Yirgacheffe was one of the favourites of the day, alongside beans from some great roasters like Stockholm's Drop Coffee, Budapest's Casino Mocca, Middle State Coffee in Denver, Colorado and Urban Coffee Roaster in Hong Kong. Thanks to Düsseldorf-based design studio Present Progressive for the pictures!