Brazil Beneficio Presente do Sol


Today we have released a new coffee from Brazil. This microlot of Yellow Catuai beans was grown by smallholder farmers in the Mantiqueira hills of southeastern Brazil, an area well known for high quality coffee production, and processed at Beneficio Presente do Sol, a coffee mill in the town of Heliodora. Many producers in the Mantiqueira region are family-owned farms that can struggle to compete with larger commercial operations due to limitations of budget, infrastructure and expertise. Local coffee experts Carmo Coffees recognised the quality of coffee being grown in the area and decided to build two processing stations (known as "beneficios") to help these smaller producers process their coffees more efficiently, setting up Beneficio Pedra Branca in 2013 followed by Beneficio Presente do Sol in 2014.

This is one of the nicest coffees we've tasted from this season's Brazilian harvest and is well balanced with good body and low to medium acidity. As a filter, we get notes of cocoa, pecan and black cherry, while an espresso brings out rich dark chocolate and hazelnut praline flavours. Now available from our shop.