New coffees


We've had a busy summer roasting for some great coffee shops but also tasting lots of samples of fresh crop coffees, arranging delivery of green beans and developing new roast profiles. We're very happy to be launching two new coffees today, both available from our webshop now.

The first is a sweet and fruity natural Ethiopian from the village of Kore in Kochere, southwest of the town of Yirgacheffe. Coffees from this part of Ethiopia produce very distinctive cup profiles and beans from Kochere have strong fruit tea-like qualities. This coffee has funky blueberry and peach iced tea notes with complex florals.

And we have a new washed coffee from Finca La Argentina, a farm in the far north of Nicaragua that has been owned by the Peralta family since 1920. The farm is set within a mountain forest in the hills near Diplito and is currently managed by Juan Carlos Peralta. This coffee is clean, crisp and aromatic with rich toffee and milk chocolate notes, a green apple acidity and good body, and works really well for espresso and filter.