The more we learn about speciality coffee, the more we appreciate the skill, knowledge and hard work that goes into producing every cup. We established Sundlaug Coffee Co. with the aim of building a positive and creative business focused on three things: high quality freshly roasted coffee, simple and clean design and interesting collaborations. We also wanted to share our love of Nordic coffee culture with others.

We used to have busy careers working as lawyers but in 2013 - after much thought and several hundred cups of coffee - we decided to follow our passion for good coffee and start new lives as roasters. While searching for the perfect location for our micro-roastery, we found out about the efforts being made at Welbeck to find new uses for beautiful historical buildings and develop a thriving community of food and drink producers, making it the ideal home for our venture.

We source recently harvested, speciality grade beans only and carefully tailor our roast profiles to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee. We roast in small batches to maintain control over the roasting process and ensure that our coffees are as fresh as possible. We love the combination of science, creativity and experimentation involved in roasting coffee (as well as always having a supply of freshly roasted beans to hand!). We are constantly developing our roast profiles, refining our palates, discovering new favourite coffees and building relationships with our suppliers, customers and collaborators.

Meredith and Matt